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Chinese Lantern Festival

State Fair of Texas

The Chinese Lantern Festival features thousands of handmade lanterns made of silky cloth, glass, and porcelain in whimsical scenes, including birds and squirrels lounging on giant mushrooms and a group of human-size ants that have formed a band, performing with flutes, cellos and maracas. The 2012 exhibition included 22 different lantern sets and the 2013 exhibition included 25 lantern sets. When the sun goes down, the lanterns illuminate. It's truly a fantasyland of colors, shapes, and cultural discovery.

Purrsnickitty Design was tasked to create a logo for the Chinese Lantern Festival. The festival was the first appearance in the Southwest and was held at the State Fair of Texas®. It was estimated that 150,000 people saw the Lantern Festival during its first three-week State Fair run. The Chinese Lantern festival returned to the State Fair of Texas® in 2013 and now is touring several cities throughout the US.

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CLIENT: Chinese Lantern Festival

PROJECT TYPE: Advertising, Brand Identity, Events, Outdoor, Print Collateral